Concorde Build Update #4

It has been another busy week, but I managed to set some time aside to focus on the final detailing of my 1:100 Scale Concorde. The biggest challenge I had this week was refining my paint brush skills in order to paint the flying Kangaroo and fine lines for landing gear doors and droop nose. After a bit of experimenting with making stencils, I also decided to add the “Qantas Australia” wording by hand using a fine brush. I am fairly pleased with the result, but as this piece is my own, with practice my brushwork will be a higher standard for my customers.
The Concorde is now about 95% complete. Just a few more small details to add. Then I’ll be starting the next airliner type as well as completing another five Concordes. There are also plans to step it up a notch and build to a larger scale. Stay tuned.


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