Boeing 747SP – Update #4

Apart from the most obvious characteristic of the 747SP (being shorter in length), the other characteristic that stands out to me is the fuselage tail section and the way it is formed. So in an attempt to get this right on my model, I had removed too much material from the sides of the tail section, so I simply put some back. While using filler is cheating in my view, I made sure I minimised its use as much as possible, so I glued timber offcuts in place, then reshaped the timber as much possible, before using filler to get closer to the final shape. Like I have said before, this model is my prototype, so I won’t make the same mistake next time.

I am getting closer to finalising the fuselage shape, including a few adjustments to the nose section. Im now looking forward to starting work on the wing box and wings themselves. It’s always exciting seeing my creations start to look like an aircraft as I move through each stage. I’ve also been commissioned by a good friend on mine’s business to build a 747 freighter in a large scale, probably 1:75 Scale, so work will be starting soon, and so will the blog posts go with it.


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