Boeing 747SP – Update #7

Now that I have finished messing around with the wing fairing, at least for the time being, I started work on the empennage (tail section). Preparing the horizontal stabilisers is relatively straight forward, but they too need to be aerodynamically accurate compared to the real thing, not that this plane will ever fly, however, there is no compromise when it comes to attention to detail. I love buildings these things, especially when they start to take shape, and that is where we are at with this build.
Once again I have attached the horizontal and vertical stab’s temporarily as the flight surface details need to be carved in and this is much easier to do before attaching them permanently. I also need to refine their shape a little more as well.
The overall span of the horizontal stab’s is wider than a conventional 747 compensating for the shorter distance from the wings in order to maintain the correct attitude during flight (it’s a physics thing…).


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