Boeing 747SP – Update #8

Another week has passed, but progress has been made with completion of the tail section, at least for now, and the first coats of spray putty. This not only seals the raw timber and filler, but it also gives me the chance to see what else requires further shaping or filling. It’s very difficult to see any small defects in the raw timber with its random patterns and colour variations. Another round of filling where required and light sanding, followed by another coat of spray putty. This process continues until I am happy with the finish before the painting process begins.
Without getting too carried away, the time has come to start on the wings. I’m looking forward to this as I will see how large this plan will be. The wingspan will be over 800mm. I’ll be making 2 sets of wings, 1 set is for a FedEx 747 Freighter ordered by a client. I’ll be posting updates on the freighter soon.


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