Boeing 747SP – Update #11 (+FedEx 747)

It’s been a week of multiple projects, with the continuation of the 747SP, plus, I have made a good start on my first client order for a 1:75 Scale FedEx Boeing 747. The SP had some refinement work done on the vertical stabiliser and a few other spots around the fuselage.
I’ve taken a slightly different approach to constructing the FedEx 747, deciding to reuse some pine sections from an old cabinet that we decided to dispose of, so this involved bonding flat sections together that I cut to size to form the fuselage block. I needed 6 pieces so I glued 2 each together to form 3 separate pieces which will bonded together later on, so for now I have screwed them together to make it easier to manipulate whilst shaping as I can separate them if need be. You can see the difference in length when compared to the SP. One other point to mention is that I am also adding the upper deck separately, again for easier shaping.
The engines have also been started, something I’ve been looking forward to, as It gives me a good reason to use my lathe again. I’ve began with the Pratt & Whitney JT9D version, which can be used on the SP and the FedEx 747. If I decide to do the SP in the Qantas livery, then I will have to make the Rolls Royce RB211 version.
As I progress with the FedEx 747, I will start posting separate updates, so stay tuned.

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