Boeing 747SP – Update #12

Another milestone reached today with the aircraft coming together with all its components assembled and fitted. Now it looks like 747SP. Earlier in the week I decided to go with the Qantas theme again, so I made the Rolls Royce RB211 style engines. It is very motivating seeing it come together.
I also finalised the wing position and alignment. Because I want these wings to be removable, I’ve used a different technique to make sure the wings are a snug fit up against the fuselage, so I applied some tape to the fuselage where the wings will butt up against, then applied flexible gap filler to the end of each wing before pushing them hard into position to form a seal. I’ll trim off the excess whet it’s dry. The flight surfaces have also been carved into the wings. So It’s nearly time for final sanding and preparation before undercoating. I also need to make the engine fans which will be fun as I will carve them as well. Stay tuned…

One thought on “Boeing 747SP – Update #12

  1. relaxavous October 20, 2017 / 10:38 pm

    Remarkable talent you have mate. I will be placing an order in the near future for sure.

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