1:75 Boeing 747-200F – Update #2

The 3D printing has had to move aside for a bit so I can focus on getting ahead on the 747  Fedex freighter. I’ve now got the wing box design sorted which includes a cavity for a light circuit and battery option to enable nav and landing lights. The wingbox and wings will be a solid unit which can be removed to replace the batteries for the lights etc. It will also make transportation and storage easier if required.

The fuselage is now ready for final sanding in preparation for priming. It’s great to see this project staring to look like a 747 with the wings attached. The challenge when attaching the wings to the wingbox is ensuring their correct alignment with the rest of the aircraft so the jig I mage up helps with that, but a few measurements also need to be taken to check the wing dihedral is the same on both sides as well as in alignment with the horizontal stabilisers.

This week I’ll be finishing off the wings, including engraving the flight surfaces, shaping the fairings and final sanding ready for priming. Then it will be onto the engines and starting the painting. Lots to do so I can deliver this Airliner to my client before the Year is out.


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