1:75 FedEx Boeing 747-200F – Update #3

Time is of the essence with my Christmas deadline fast approaching to complete this project and still plenty to do. Fortunately, it’s my last day tomorrow before the holidays, so I can put some solid hours in to get it finished ready to ship to my client.

All components are complete, including engines and wing ‘canoes’ that cover the flap extension and retraction mechanisms.

Most of the remaining work is in completing the wiring for the lights, then filling in the wiring tracks on the underside of the wing leading to the LED lights on the wing tips. The landing lights proved to be a little tricky, and resulted in some unwanted damage on the leading edge which will need to be carefully filled and shaped around the LED lights. The flightdeck windows will also be illuminated with LEDs as well as upper and lower  strobe lights on the fuselage.

Then there is the painting and detailing, but not before the final sanding.  I have engraved most of the details including flight surfaces and landing gear doors. This will save a lot of time and looks more realistic. All this to do with about 5 days remaining. The pressure is on…




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