1:75 FedEx Boeing 747-200F – Complete

The final run towards my Christmas deadline was difficult, but I got there eventually, completing the model on Boxing Day ready to deliver to the customer. I am fairly pleased with the result. There was a lot of work involved with getting the lights working. The final lighting comfiguration included the two wing tip navigation lights, the strobe on the upper deck and the light in the cockpit.

The lights can be switched on and off via a tiny hole in the bottom of the fuselage using a piece of wire, like a reset button on some electronic devices.

The cockpit window was also another challenge as I had to make this from a piece of clear styrene, which was cut to the approximate shape, then heated in the oven before quickly lying it on the model where I had carved out the cockpit window and cavity to get the correct curve / profile. It was then a process of final shaping to get a near perfect fit into the cavity.

The model can be seen in its new home, in the customers man cave along with his collection of cars, motor bikes and other items. The plane can also be viewed through a window from the formal lounge room.

Its great to see this project finished, so now I have some time to complete the Boeing 747SP…


One thought on “1:75 FedEx Boeing 747-200F – Complete

  1. Anonymous January 23, 2018 / 11:53 pm

    Great Job on completing it

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