1:75 Boeing 747SP – Update #17

A sneak peek of the detailing progress so far…The wings have proven a bit tricky in terms of the painting. The big lesson that I have learned is that you can’t trust drying times stated on the paint cans. I usually apply several light coats a few minutes apart, then leave for 24 hours….but then I find an imperfection, then try to fix it, reapply more coats throwing the whole system out. So the paint job on the wings will have to be redone in some areas, simply because I am not happy with the result…not to mention the masking tape stripping some of the paint away as I removed it as well. But I couldn’t resist putting The fuselage and wings together to satisfy my own curiosity to see how it would look, which is the pic you see in this post. The biggest learning for me is making sure all the imperfections in the raw wood are removed before the priming stage, albeit they are hard to find sometimes until you apply the paint.

On the more positive side, I have been successfully 3D printing the exhaust nozzles fitted to the rear of the engines and a few 3D printed stencils to help with the fine detailing such as Airline logo’s and window and door stencils. I draw these up in 3D modelling software first.

Overall I am pleased with the result so far and looking forward to posting the next update which will be close to, if not finished for this project.


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