Recreating a Memory…

There are certain moments in life as you grow up that will not only stay with you as fond memories, but also stay dormant inside you like a seed, until something triggers that seed to germinate and grow into something bigger and potentially have a major influence on various facets of life such as career, hobbies, lifestyle etc. One of those moments for me is when I first went to the Airport in the mid 1970’s and seeing those Boeing 747 Jumbo Jets close up for the first time…I wish sometimes that I could go back in time to relive that moment.

That moment was one of those seeds that eventually germinated into my love for commercial airliners and led me to start photographing them, then building models of them out of wood. I also became very fascinated with Jet engines, and the operational aspects of Commercial Airliners and Airports. All of this is what led me to create FraserAeroArt, which is a way of bringing out those interests which are manifested in me as strong creative urges. So FraserAeroArt is about turning those creative urges into what I call, Aero-Art…

Another aspect of my Aero art is evolving thanks to modern technology…3D Printing. Whilst I place a strong emphasis on my handmade Airliner models, I have entered the world of 3D printing which combined with my abilities in 3D Computer Modelling, I can now recreate my memories of that first visit to the Airport in 3D, then turn it into a physical object…I never would have dreamed of being able to do something like this 40 odd years ago…




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