Aero Model Galleries

Handcrafted Aero Models made with passion from re-purposed timber. Not cast from resin or plastic. That would be too easy. I develop my own plans, templates and decals as well as hand paint and carve many of the details including flight surfaces. Please refer to the Contact page for model inquiries.

FedEx Boeing 747-200F – 1:75 Scale
Qantas Concorde
Qantas Concorde – 1:100 Scale
Airbus A380 – 1:100 Scale
Boeing 747-400 – 1:100 Scale
Space Shuttle – 1:75 Scale


Concorde Mod Teaser
Model In Progress Blog



One thought on “Aero Model Galleries

  1. Rosemary November 7, 2018 / 12:06 am

    Brilliant work.


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