Me, I am a happily married father of 3, plus the dog.

My Dog…

I have many hobbies, apart from scratch building model Airliners; I also photograph Airliners, grow Bonsai, play the Drums and continually improve my Home. I am also a master in Tae Kwon Do and a mad Cricket fan.

SP Engine - Craig and Lennon 2
Myself…a long time ago with my nephew (who now jumps out of planes for fun) at the Qantas Jet Base

Professionally, I work as an IT professional in the new world of digital technology, which is great as it allows me to create in a different way. I am also a qualified Mechanical Engineer / Draftsman and Sheet Metal worker by trade.

The Fraser Aero Art Story

A Personal Story with a Creative Connection…

“Hanger 96”


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