“Hanger 96”

My workshop which I affectionately nick-named after the one at the Qantas Jet Base at Mascot. It started as an old flat roofed garden shed that was already on our property when we first purchased it over 20 years ago, and has since evolved into a fully functional hobby shop complete with lined and insulated walls, dust extraction and a small paint booth.


The real Hangar 96 was built in 1988/89 and was designed to fit 2 Boeing 747-400s side by side in preparation for the new fleet of -400s on order. The first arriving after a record breaking non-stop flight from London to Sydney on August 16, 1989.

Unfortunately someone forgot to inform the designers, that the new 747-400s had an extra 2m Wingspan over their -200 and -300 predecessors, and consequently, could only fit a single 747-400 or 2 747-200/300’s.

The real Hanger 96 with a 747-200 and – 300 side by side

Hangar 96 has since been modified to fit the new A380 Airbus, and is also used to host major Qantas publicity events and functions.

Hanger96 Wing to Wing
A 747-200 and -300. Literally inches to spare between the wing tips.