Boeing 747SP – Update #3

Keeping true to my word, I managed to get some more shed time after work and knocked up a template and a couple of vertical stabiliser blanks for the SP. I couldn’t help myself and went for a quick assembly to see how it looks on the fuselage. Glad I did, as it gave me an indication of the tail section geometry when viewed from the side. You will notice the divot in the fuselage where the vertical stabiliser joins. This is a feature on the real aircraft and was a result of using standard 747 fuselage sections in the design of the tail section. The vertical stabiliser also stands 2ft taller than that on a standard 747.

One limitation I am finding with using Oregon for the fuselage is the growth rings in the wood are much harder than the wood in between, so shaping is a bit more of a challenge and can result in a bumpy surface. I am using pine for the vertical stabiliser which doesn’t have the same problem.


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