Concorde Update #5

I’ve been spending some time working on my next project: the 1:75 scale Boeing 747SP, however it’s time to get back to completing my first Concorde build, which involves some delicate brush work to add the features such as the aircraft registration, Australian flag, and “Concorde” wording. I like to apply most of my details by hand, but it’s also hard when you’re a perfectionist and you want the details to look good and as close to the real deal as possible. The windows and doors on this model are decals, but as my painting skills improve, I will probably revert to hand painting those as well.
A point to note with this particular Concorde livery, is that Qantas never ended up going ahead with their Concorde program, but had initially placed order options before cancelling. I would have imagined that artists impressions and models with the Qantas livery would have been produced as part of the original sales presentations back when they were ordered. It was only a year or so, after Qantas cancelled their Concorde orders, before they ordered their first Boeing 747’s. I wonder how the future would have played out, had they proceeded with the Concorde program. There is a famous image of ABBA When they first came to Australia in 1977, stepping out of a Qantas 747. Might have been a completely different scene, given the Concorde is synonymous with celebrities.
Back to the model, only a few small details left to add, and a final coat of clear varnish left to apply, then it’s done.
I am going to post my model blogs more regularly as I progress my builds, as Fraser Aero Art is about bringing you on the journey with me and producing what I see as Aero Art. So, keep visiting.
I’ll be posting updates on the 747SP build later in the week.


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