1:75 Boeing 747SP – Update #13

A freind of my has taken an interest in my Models and kindly offered to build a circuit with nav lights and electric motors to spin the low pressure fan. He is also a former Airbus Engineer and Avgeek like myself. So a side project has commenced and the SP will host the prototype lights and engines.

Now I am making good progress into the world of 3D printing and able to get decent quality prints, I’ve been able to move on and complete a prototype of my working mini jet engines that will be fitted to the SP.

To enable the low pressure fan to spin, I put my new 3D modelling and printing skills to good use, designing an insert to house the electric motor, and an exhaust nozzle to fit snug inside the engine. It’s important to mention that the nature of my work is about maintaing the hand made element and always will be, however, where precision is needed it doesn’t hurt to lean on modern technology from time to time.

There is also the challenge of concealing the wiring to drive the fan, as well as a small LED that will sit inside each engine, so I created a small test bed and ran the wires through the engine mount. They are protruding out of the top of the wing, but will have to be hidden inside the wing. I’ll save that for the next update…


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